Went to a ninja gym last night and it was a lot of fun!

For all the effort being made for alt text, how do I even read it in other people’s posts on Micro.blog?

My kids are growing too quickly

Lately, both of my kids have been learning so much and it’s intense seeing them grow before my eyes.

No. 1 is 4 and has known his ABCs and how to count for a while now, but he’s become so articulate, annunciating every letter perfectly (no elemenopee anymore). He’s also counting into the 40s and higher when reminded of the starting digit. Even more impressive are the questions he’s beginning to ask. Existential questions, and reflecting on complex topics, even accompanied by sadness and even anguish when speaking of loss. Wow.

No. 2 is 23 months and is saying short sentences and asserting her personhood by claiming ownership of things and not shying away from telling you what’s up, especially to “stop it” when something is bothering her. It won’t be long until she’s speaking in full sentences and becoming her own person, too. In addition to playing with the magnet tiles and more traditional “boy toys”, she’s dressing up and playing with dolls, unprompted or promoted by us, which is just so different from our son’s preferred toys, even though he had access to all the same things she does when he was her age.

Parenthood is a trip and I love it. Hard, yes, but awesome in all the best ways.

That high noon sun.

Thankful for this day.

Beautiful outside.

I had a lot of things in my Amazon cart that didn’t change in price at all today, but suddenly said 18% off next to that same price due to Black Friday.

My loves.

I have my in-laws over for Thanksgiving this year, so we had a full house and it was a lot of fun! My first time cooking a turkey…turned out pretty good. Now we are just drinking old fashioneds, eating coconut cream pie, and huddled around the living room watching football and playing with the kids.

Santa almost forgot to close up the attic.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. I’m cooking this year, pray for me.

I have a theory that eyeglass companies switched to polycarbonate lenses from glass, not because of weight or safety concerns, or because polycarbonate was better, but because polycarbonate scratches easily, so you have to replace your glasses more often.

Even with coatings, they just suck in my experience. I scratch up my polycarbonate lenses a couple months after getting them, without fail. I know I’m hard on them, but it’s still annoying.

Most local shops and labs don’t even offer glass lenses anymore. But I found out recently that eyeglasses.com still sells actual glass lenses. So I sent in my existing pair of Warby Parker frames and had them replace the lenses with real glass. Took about two weeks total to send them in and get them back, but they are awesome. $150, reasonable if you ask me.

A little more weight, but the acuity is a lot better and they’re supposed to have the highest scratch resistance of any material. We’ll see how they hold up.

Cranbrook, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. 10 years ago.

This PNW rainy season

I’m about a month into my new job and I’ve got to say that I’m loving it compared to my old one.

Much like being in a bad relationship, sometimes it’s hard to see just how toxic your old employment situation was until you’re out of it.



Lost Lake, Oregon.

Lake Tahoe

Moved back over to my Mastodon server as my primary platform from Micro.blog. Too many issues lately, and I missed the iOS clients. Still copying over most things with RSS, but the biggest downside is that I’ll have to post images directly to Micro.blog since they’ll be linked to this server if I don’t. Not sure why I do this to myself.