• Went to a ninja gym last night and it was a lot of fun!

  • That high noon sun.

  • Thankful for this day.

  • Beautiful outside.

  • My loves.

  • I have my in-laws over for Thanksgiving this year, so we had a full house and it was a lot of fun! My first time cooking a turkey…turned out pretty good. Now we are just drinking old fashioneds, eating coconut cream pie, and huddled around the living room watching football and playing with the kids.

  • Santa almost forgot to close up the attic.

    Happy Thanksgiving, friends. I’m cooking this year, pray for me.

  • Cranbrook, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. 10 years ago.

  • This PNW rainy season

  • Commute.

  • Tillamook

  • Lost Lake, Oregon.

  • Thinking of my brother on his heavenly birthday today. He would’ve been 41. Miss you.

  • More Seattle fun. We rode up to the top of the Space a needle with a load of Hindu monks. They were very kind to my son and let him ride by the windows in the elevator. Nice littlle extended weekend getaway for us boys.

  • Me and my boy saw KISS in Seattle tonight!

  • Three years ago, I was recognized as an Italian citizen and I’m going to visit the Veneto region where me and my children are registered. I’m really excited.

  • Best buds.

  • The paint I got on my watch yesterday unlocked memories of seeing similarly speckled paint on my dad’s digital watches growing up.

  • So this happened. Happy Halloween! 🎃

    A family of four with two little kids, all dressed like Scooby doo and the gang with a cardboard box painted like the Mystery Machine. The baby is Scooby, the 4 year old is Shaggy, the dad is Fred and the Mom is Daphne.
  • Halloween Part 1: Preschool Batman. 🎃

    A 4 year old dressed as Batman, about to head into his preschool class.
  • Happy Halloween 🎃

    an early morning shot of the sky in a residential neighborhood with bright pink clouds.
  • Somehow missed that my lil old car surpassed 150k. Knock on faux wood, but I’ve never had it in the shop for anything other than routine replacements. I’ve had this car for over 10 years and it was a few years used when I bought it. #subaru

  • Searching for painted rocks at the park on this beautiful day.

  • Rembrandt, Monet, Picasso…

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