After two days of public transit and traveling around downtown Portland and Seattle, I’m really saddened by the fact that my son was just about the only child I saw, and I honestly questioned my parenting by exposing him to certain things on this trip.

I left with him for the KISS concert wondering if maybe he was too young for the show, not even really thinking about the realities of our cities. I figured our quick public transit trips would be no big deal, but our homelessness and drug issues are just so bad, and I regret not driving us up there.

I am used to having regular fears. I’ve lived in seedy areas most of my life. But the fears I had these last two days were not my “normal” fears of guns or cars possibly killing us, or people breaking the window of my car for some change in the center console, or a pick pocket, but rather the potential for my kid being exposed to fentanyl, or the absolutely off-their-rocker people we saw on every bus and train we took, screaming obscenities and racial slurs.

It’s terribly sad to me that kids can’t take part in downtown life in this country, particularly on the west coast. Despite the fun times we had, the things he was exposed to fill me with sadness and make me want to leave, for a small town or another country altogether.

On a packed bus and some lady is on speaker phone buying something and repeated her credit card number, expiration, and security code, OUT LOUD. Seriously, how dumb can you be?

More Seattle fun. We rode up to the top of the Space a needle with a load of Hindu monks. They were very kind to my son and let him ride by the windows in the elevator. Nice littlle extended weekend getaway for us boys.

Me and my boy saw KISS in Seattle tonight!

Waiting for our…bus.

Figures. Haven’t taken the train in forever and now it’s going to be a bus ride due to a landslide.

Looks like forgot to fall back today, all the time stamps are an hour in the future.

Three years ago, I was recognized as an Italian citizen and I’m going to visit the Veneto region where me and my children are registered. I’m really excited.

Best buds.

The paint I got on my watch yesterday unlocked memories of seeing similarly speckled paint on my dad’s digital watches growing up.

“Dad, can we put the skeleton away? I don’t want Santa to be freaked out.”

Just began training the new person for my old job as a courtesy, and I got such a strong deer-in-headlights look from them that I’m wondering if they’ll still be here next week.

Being with your partner for a while is to know them. This morning’s convo with my wife went something like this:

Me: You know who I think you’d like? Sade.
Wife: How do you spell that?
Me: S-A-D-E
Wife: What the hell?
Me: Yeah.
Wife: ~Playing it on her phone~ Omg I love this!

I got really tired of scratching up all my polycarbonate lenses so I sent in my WP frames to have real glass lenses put in. It’s going to take a few weeks before I get them back, but I’m so excited!

I feel like Apple might’ve done something sneaky in the most recent update and removed my wife from the sharesheet in iOS Photos in order to force Family Sharing adoption.

So this happened. Happy Halloween! 🎃

A family of four with two little kids, all dressed like Scooby doo and the gang with a cardboard box painted like the Mystery Machine. The baby is Scooby, the 4 year old is Shaggy, the dad is Fred and the Mom is Daphne.

Halloween Part 1: Preschool Batman. 🎃

A 4 year old dressed as Batman, about to head into his preschool class.

Happy Halloween 🎃

an early morning shot of the sky in a residential neighborhood with bright pink clouds.

Don’t wait to tell the world you love someone until after they’re dead.

What is the best concert you’ve ever been to?